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  • We've asked you if are you ready for a launch that faster than the light .. lets begin into the journey together,

    after the huge success we reached so far with the Version 3 and 3.1 We are happy to announce to everyone our next HUGE and FIRE and UNIQUE update!! 3lite Racers v3.2 With huge features that you will see first time into MTA

    The Release plan isnt announced yet. but thats not it ! there will be another Fire Announcement and especially for derby (DD) Players and random players also put to your mind that as long as you are an 3lite Racer, The Surprises will chase you into another level. (To be continued with the next announcement tomorrow)
    PS: More details about the updates will be revealed once we are near to finish


  • Due to request and often complains about the liveries that they look worse than in store, here is the list and images of all liveries for infernus and cheetah.

    The list will be updated when new liveries will arrive.

    Click on the name to see the image.

    Infernus Liveries Non-Premium