Hello everybody! This is our new Blacklist page where we will list our blacklisted players. Most of them have made troubles inside the community while being our members, others are joining and leaving non-stop for no reason and that makes us think they aren't reliable persons. While being blacklisted player in our community you are unable to create join request to the squad you have been blacklisted.

Updated on 29.04.2020

Blacklisted people
Turkey EX-3R//Frusawell
Tunisia EX-3R//FuneX
Turkey EX-3R//BackDowN
Algeria Russi
Tunisia Flame
Egypt Gravity
Egypt EX-3R//RixoN
Egypt Criminal
Israel EX-3R//Chiorma
United Arab Emirates EX-3R//Settings
Romania EX-3R//FrexY
Turkey EX-3R//SnacK
Israel EX-3R//Tr0Y
Turkey EX-3R//DereX
Turkey EX-3R//FeniX
Czech Republic EX-3R//Luigi
Algeria EX-3R//Dz~*
Egypt EX-3R//pepsi
Algeria EX-3R//Sabrina
United Kingdom EX-3R//RayZ
Egypt Xavier
Russia EX-3R//Shox
Turkey EX-3R//volcano