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    3lite Racers

    Hello everybody, here you will find everything you need to know about 3R's Random Squad


    General Guidelines / Rules for "future" Random Members

    0.1 Once you are accepted, you'll be a Trial Member, so you should use the 3RT// tag until you're tested.

    If you pass your test, you will then become a Full Member, so the tag you must wear is the 3R// tag.

    0.2 Do not practice any activity that affects fair game play.

    0.3 Don't insult or provoke players, members or trial members. Else you will be warned, or kicked.

    0.4 If you fight with another 3R member/trial, both of you will be warned.

    0.5 If you have been validly reported by a player, you will be warned.

    0.6 If you are leaving from 3R Random squad without any particular reason, next time won't be that easy to join back.

    0.7 If you are found removing the tag or refusing to wear the tag, you will be kicked.

    0.8 If you are found abusing, your rights will be revoked for at least 1 week (may differ depending on the severity).


    Formation regarding Random Join Requests.

    First and foremost, we aren't solely looking at your skills. We will be looking at your behaviour and your English knowledge too.

    Since you will be incapable of moderating, or setting a good example to our players if you can't meet these requirements.

    0.1 Where can I post my Join Request? Click here!

    0.2 Our leaders won't decline/accept you until we have heard any good, or bad feedback from the other 3R members.



    Current Roster

    3R|OL1V3RCo LeaderGermany

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