• Hello, 3R Family

    Today's theme is about injustice in the server.

    I submitted a report on Latino, and they replied that the report was invalid, arguing that there was insufficient evidence.

    The guide was a video and the video showed everything , but nothing got to Latino?(

    Latino banned me from pvp room for two weeks without any sufficient evidence.

    The evidence was just two pictures.

    Is that fair?

    Because he's the leader of the Random team, he can do whatever he wants?

    and we all know the ss its not enough to report:!:

    and this is the video :

    and you can see in this video how latino abused his fps .?(

    I'm not interested in the ban. I'm just interested in justice. What happened is unfair.

    If you have something to say, you can say it in a polite manner.

  • Alright so I will just quote my words on your report since im lazy to write everything again

    Alright I will say everything I said on discord already on the first screennshots of me "abusing" which isn't really abusing since all of those screenshots its me muting me you or BLBL or Broken(BLBL was unmuted and muted for 2 hours) for retarted behavior towards clan members also in the first part of the video (0:46 to be exactly) I wasn't even moving because I had low fps indeed you crashed into me just to record the fps (pussy move I would say) and in the minut 0:57 when I crashed with kross I still had 52 fps, it dropped to 43 when I was RUNNING AWAY you probably dind't noticed it because the quality of the video is a sh*t and then was again on 52 fps in the minut 1:02 that was pure lag and dont try to lie because its impossible to lag someone like that with 45 FPS (it was due of my ping 230) also in the last clip you added at the minut 1:20 what im supossed to see? because I just see myself with 52 fps and my normal ping (230-270). Alright now lets move to the part where you said that "I banned you from PVP arena to win the PVP" which isn't true. I banned you from PVP arena for 2 weeks due to abusing your fps when we fell into water at the same time thanks for recording yourself when doing it (

    ) now my proofs of that (…4525786538035/unknown.png) and (…4299893776415/unknown.png) paste those 2 links into google or discord and you will be able to see the screenshots, as we can see in the screenshot you had 38 and 34 fps while falling into water at the same time with me if you don't know that is called "FPS abuse" now lets see what people said when they saw that, there was 2 admins more present at the PVP that can confirm my version of you abusing FPS (…4971674476604/unknown.png) Hedi and Kross now about the mutes you added in the video as I said before all of those mutes are deserved im bored of mute you 24/7 for provoking or insulting players/admins broken aswell and about BLBL he was unmuted and muted for 2 hours instead of 24 I got alot of screenshots when I muted you and the reasons so if you gonna tell me that the mute was "unfair" or too "excessive" I can post the screenshots here thats not a problem for me. Also some screenshots me when I had low fps at the 3v3 (…n_2020-11-06_18-44-39.png) - (…n_2020-11-06_18-46-04.png) - (…n_2020-11-06_18-47-50.png) in this screenshot I was alone no one was next to me and I still had low fps now I would appreciate if Kross and Hedi confirm that you abused the FPS while felling into water at the same time since they both were present there.

    Now let me answer you most of the things you said above the proofs that I used to ban you two weeks from PVP arena were the following 2 screenshots and 1 video deleted (I might it soon so dont worry) (…4299893776415/unknown.png) - (…4525786538035/unknown.png)

    now I would like to ask you something can I know why you deleted your video? the one which was called "Its abuse?" after re-named to "PC lagged" (since you was aware that using windows key while felling into water its abuse)

    unknown.pngAs I said before that video was called "Its Abuse?" you sent it to general chat on discord and alot of people replied that it was abuse


    You was pretty aware that it was abuse so I guess it is the reason

    of why both videos with different names are deleted from

    your account

    and to my luck I know you was about to delete the video

    so I took a screenshot of it

    unknown.pngthats you in your video tabbin out of MTA

    while felling into water so I guess the envidence was enough

    to ban you from PVP arena since

    there was 2 admins

    more Hedi and Kross

    both saw you abusing

    mta-screen_2020-11-06_19-45-38.pngso sadly I guess those proofs are enough now let me quote your words "as you can see in this video latino abused his fps" the video in the first part show people gettin muted

    After of that it shows me NOT MOVING

    with 5 fps and you crashed into me to record it does the video shows me "abusing my fps"

    in face to face? or while felling into water? no it doesnt show anything of those

    2 indeed as we can see in this screenshot I wasn't even moving and I got killed by FPS

    If you really want to keep it I got more screenshots also in this screenshot I wasn't even moving again everyone was far away from me and I had low fps too


    Now i will do you a favor and I will lock this topic before it ends up in a drama if you really want to keep all of this drama up contact Blue on Discord or Jaden (Jaden#4728 / xBlue#1111) and last thing let me renember you the answer of the 3S on your report

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