Greyjoy's Join Request #comeback

  • What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?:

    My name is Cengiz but my friedns call me cengo. My ingame name is Greyjoy. I am 19 years old.

    I live in Istanbul / Turkey

    What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?:

    First of all i started the game 4 years ago and it was a roleplay server already most of you guys know what roleplay is and what kind of things happen in that kind of servers after that i discovered DD mode and tried to find a server to play in.

    To be honest there are not lots of options to play properly in a server because of players who is hating eacother and always fighting especially i am talking about turkish DD servers i can't stand this kind of things because i am not that type of guy who is looking for trouble anyways after that i found 3R and started to play i was playing in 2.0 too actually i am kinda old player in the server but didn't try to join any squad of 3R but in the game my purpose is making friends and try to have fun with them. In the game i met with a few trustable guys who is currently in 3R and i decided to apply because i think it can be more enjoyable to be in the same team

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:

    HelloBitches[HB] , TeamWorks[TW] , 3R DD Squad[3R] x2

    How would you be useful to us?:

    I trust myself in RANDOM and i am good at team working it can be usefull in clan wars or fun wars actually it can be helpfull in server too on the otherhand as i mention in the first question i am looking for fun and try to have fun with friends and people around me told me that i have a potential energy that make people laugh in tuff days maybe it can be helpful of other players who is in the team.

    What are your goals as a 3R member?:

    Ehmm it is kinda hard to explain but my main goal is leave a mark in a good way as i remember from old server and forum there was a half of fame i don't know if you guys still have it but i would really want to be in that list.

    Actually my main goal is always being a trustable player and make people to think about me he is a good guy and will not be a toxic player in any condition also he is fair enough to be in the team.

    Additional information

    I'm back after a long break, you'll notice I'm back

    Contact information?:

    Discord : Ŧ Cengoing#2021

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